Bell Island #2 Mine and Community Museum,
13 Compressor Hill, Bell Island, NL

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Toll Free: +1-888-338-2880

Geraldine Hibbs

A tour guide since 2017, Geraldine Hibbs was born and raised in a family of six kids here on Bell Island. Her father was a miner. Unfortunately, his mining days were cut short as a young man due to an accident down in the old #3 mine. On that fateful day, a tram car broke from the mine’s rail system, pinning him up against a wall of ore. His injuries were so severe that he lost his leg. Still, some years later, he worked down at the pier where ore was shipped, and his legacy lives on in the stories his daughter tells today.

After spending nearly 30 years living “away” in Ontario, Geraldine and her husband (also a Bell Islander) moved home in 2009. She loves the island’s laid-back lifestyle and is a big fan of meeting our guests from around the world. In fact, she says that this aspect is “the greatest” part of the job, and it shows.

The #2 Mine Tour and Museum will be re-opening on May 19th, 2024. We can't wait to see you soon!